Build Skins for Minecraft

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Richard asks…

how to  get skins for minecraft cracked that are working on multiplayer?

the way to add skins is by replaceing the char.png but it dosen’t works in multiplayer
please someone can you tell me how to do it
is there another site that runs an online skin engine changer?
(means a site that runs your skin online)
for free

admin answers:

First it’s a .jar file
Second cracked is illegal /sarcasm
Third you can’t get online with cracked version
Fourth you cannot change the skin online for you need to upload a skin to the minecraft site.

Ruth asks…

How do I retrieve my character skin(Minecraft)?

I want to get the PNG image from my Minecraft character. Is there a website where I can retrieve it?

admin answers:

A player can only change their character’s skin if they purchased Minecraft. This is done on the Profile page by uploading a valid .png image file, which will then replace the default skin. The char.png file in minecraft.jar can also be changed and replaced, but then, only in that game the player character will appear different, and that is also the case for other people who use the default skin.



Good luck!

Robert asks…

How to get skins on minecraft?

What website and everything please explain.

admin answers:

Just watch this video! Http://

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