Donna asks…

how do i get a minecraft multiplayer ip?

the dosnt work it says 404 not found and was wondering if i could get an ip adrass any other way?

admin answers:

Some websites will host popular/new servers that’s been opened and they will list what the server is about, the rules, and it’s IP. Most of the time when it doesn’t work, it’s either out of business because of not enough funds or the host is offline so you can’t play. Try to search for ones that says open 24/7.

The website

Thomas asks…

Minecraft multiplayer server ip that actually works?

I love minecraft mulitplayer but i cant find any server ips that actually work.. help please?

admin answers:

I just started this server for people who are tired of those servers that have

1 Crappy owners

2 Pvp

So i guess it would work for people who don’t even have a server! :)

PS make sure to put the :25604

Ken asks…

i need a minecraft multiplayer ip address.?

i just bought the newest version of minecraft. can someone plese give me a multiplayer ip adress?!

admin answers:

Go to this site to see the multiplayer ip adresses –>
hope it works!! Btw, you can find me at my server, A-Miner97

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