How To Install Minecraft Mods

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Ken asks…

what are some mods for minecraft that work with to many items and zombie flying mod?

admin answers:

There’s alot. You can check them out in the source below.

Mark asks…

How to install Minecraft Mods?

Today I’m gonna be buying Minecraft for PC, and I was wondering how to install mods for it (obviously!). The only ones I’m really after are the Timber! Mod and TooManyItems. The only thing is, when I look anywhere else, it talks about ModLoaders and stuff like that which makes my brain hurt. 🙁

So, can anyone explain to me, step by step, the simplest way to install these mods? Cheers in advance!

admin answers:

Go to this website

Good luck!

Nancy asks…

what are some good survival mods for minecraft?

i’m looking for something that isn’t overpowered like unbreakable tools.

i have the timber mod, mo creatures, and zan minimap.
umm im just playing minecraft by myself, a fresh new survival world.

admin answers:

What character are you playing with?

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