Lizzie asks…

Minecraft I have downloaded alot of mods of course they work but i they got boring any ideas what else to get.?

List of MODs:
and in-game inv edit
all for 1.4 beta
Also add link if possible.

admin answers:

Plane is awesome or sdk gun mod once they update it

Mary asks…

Is there any way to run these mods together in Minecraft?

I am looking to run these mods (see list below) at the same time in my minecraft world. However, whenever I try to, I run out of block/item ids. Is there any way to get more, or to at least run these mods at the same time?

Mods I want to run:

Mo’ Creatures
Modloader MP
Xie Farming
Shelf Mod
Armor Stand
Millionaire, or however you spell it, the one with the norman villages
Portal Gun Mod
CCTV Camera Mod

Thanks for the help!
I have tried, and it says out of IDs. Is there any way to get more IDs, or will I have to sacrifice some of my mods?

admin answers:

Very unlikely, It would be better to trial it an receive an error, than to not know at all.

Robert asks…

Minecraft mods compatibility help!?

I want to know which (out of list below) would work installed into minecraft together, without one “Breaking” the other..

out of:
Better than Wolves Mod
FinateLiquid Mod
Planes Mod
CCTV Blocks Mod
Craftbook Mod
Please Help!

admin answers:

They should work, keep a backup just in case anything goes wrong. Also I hear the CCTV mod causes a lot of lag but I haven’t tried it. Good luck

Also if you check the mods page on it should say if the mod is not compatible with another

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