James asks…

Does Anyone know how To Get Free Minecraft Accounts for Survival and Multiplayer?

I just wanted it free so i could try it on my laptop to see if it could handle it, really could help me out.

admin answers:

If you want minecraft free and want to play online multiplayer too just:

1. Get a premium account free at —> getfreeminecraftaccounts.com it’s super easy to claim an account and takes like 30 sec.
2. Then login at minecraft.net with your new premium account to download the latest version of minecraft. You should play on the server: it’s the best server.

This is what i did and have done several times so i know it works :)

Linda asks…

Is minecraft worth getting and if it is do you just get multiplayer survival?

What i mean is after you download it do you already have multiplayer survival or do you have to download something seperately. one mroe thing on multiplayer are there monsters? THanks in advance.

admin answers:

Reply to first question:

Minecraft is all about two sets of things, depending on how you look at it. The first set is creativity, deterination, and perseverance. This is usually used in creating artistic megastructures or arts. The second being survival, courage, and wit. Now this is the main objective of the game. You will hunt monsters during the night and explore the caves during the day in order to get the essential items for your survival.

Reply to second question.
Survival Multiplayer, or SMP, is another thing. To join a server, you don’t have to download another file, though you must make your account premium in order to play most servers. To make a server, you have to download a file that runs the server. If you want to know more about that, please check my Y!Answers answers to minecraft-server-related-questions.

Betty asks…

MINECRAFT MULTIPLAYER? Switch between survival and creative mode?

Ive seen that all you got to do it change the gamemode from 0 to 1 in the server properties, but that doesnt work for me. am I missing something?

ps. I am the server op.

admin answers:

I believe the command is:

!set gamemode 0
!set gamemode 1

you must be admin.

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