Steven asks…

How to make a 1.6.6 minecraft mod?

Minecraft forums are under construction , so i cant go there and ask on how to make a 1.6.6 mod on minecraft , does any one have a tutorial on how to make a mod?

admin answers:


But I’m assuming you want an actual site with a tutorial so:–the-complete-tutorial.aspx

Thats the site I used to learn how to make mods :)

Hope it helped!

Thomas asks…

Minecraft 1.6.6 mod help!?!?!?

I have minecraft 1.6.6 and i have sdk’s gun mod, portal gun mod, etc installed but neither of them show up. Minecraft doesnt crash they just dont show up or do anything. I also have TooManyItems installed and Single Player Commands and they work just fine. Im just wondering why my other mods dont work.
All my mods are updated to 1.6.6

admin answers:

Check on the minecraft forums if each of these mods have been updated to be compatible with 1.6.6

Nancy asks…

Mods in Minecraft Beta 1.6.6?

I’m new to minecraft and I was wondering what are mods and how do they work and do you use them?

admin answers:

Well mods are modifications to the game that can make it more fun and such. To use them you must install them. Here is a tutorial on how to install them

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