Sharon asks…

How to play MineCraft multiplayer with a friend?

Me and my friend want to play Minecraft together via multiplayer. How do we set up the server and how can he transfer his singleplayer world to minecraft?

We are also going to use Hamachi to connect to each other.

So what do we do ..etc…


admin answers:

Setting Up a Minecraft server can be a bit tricky, if you are going to host of your own IP. First of all you need a pretty good PC, otherwise the server will be laggy, and hard to play on.

If you are willing to pay, it is much easier because you can get a company such as to host the server for you, while you still have full control over plugins, ranks, maps, etc.

The first thing you need to do if hosting your own server is Port Forward the Port 25565. If you dont know how to do this, watch a few tutorials.

Next, download the Minecraft Server software from Create a Folder wher you want all of your server config, and logs. Then run the server software.

You will see a command promt window, just let it run untill it says “Complete” or something like that.

Now you will have to configure all of the .txt and .yml files, i would sugest looking for a video tutorial on how to do that.

After all of the config is done, you must find your external IP adress. Just go to

When you or a friend are connecting to the server type in the IP, a colon, Then The port. (ex:

if you want server software such as bukkit, or plugins such as iConomy, you must install those in the same folder you have your software in. (WATCH tutorials on YouTube for details)

Hope this helps, GOOD LUCK!

Thomas asks…

How do I play a random generated server on minecraft Multiplayer?

I want to play a Randomly Generated level on Minecraft for me and my brother only. How do I make a Multiplayer, Private, Randomly Generated Server on Multiplay Beta for Minecraft?

admin answers:

There are thousands of youtube videos for setting up a LAN server on MC.

Susan asks…

How do you teleport to another player’s home in minecraft multiplayer?

I want to play minecraft multiplayer with my friend, but i started earlier and have a home already, and i need my friend to be teleported to my home so that we could work together. Any ideas? By the way, i do not own the server.

admin answers:

If you’re an Op:
type – /tp [your name] [Friend's name]

If that fails then press F3 and in the top left hand corner are co-ordinates so you can just walk to each other.

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