Is there anything like minecraft or terarria thats free?

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Mandy asks…

is there anything like minecraft or terarria thats free that even a crappy laptop can run?

idk my laptops crap but i want a good free roam/sandbox create games… any ideas?

admin answers:

No i am sorry the good games cost money…

James asks…

Im looking for a game that requires you to build your way up.?

A game such as, Minecraft, but different, i have to mine to make new gear, i have to harvest food to survive, Not terraria either, it can be multiplayer or singleplayer, it should be like wurm, but, i hate wurm, i want a good game where you have to harvest herbs, Mine, hunt, Preferably a free game, Not Skyrim either, have it. But it should also night, and day, there should be good creatures, and bad creatures, such n such, like a Sandbox game
not World of warcraft, Lotro, or any other types of those games.
Already played those games

admin answers:

Morrowind, yes it is part of the elder scrolls series but it is the best of the elder scrolls series. The only bad part about this game is the combat doesn’t look as nice as any other game and the graphics arnt recent. This game feels like another world in ever aspect so it doesn’t have to feel super realistic. It is one of the few games that when you start you are NOTHING! You literally have to work your way up just to be able to kill a rat you can’t just start the game and go on killig sprees if you want to like in sky rim and oblivion and you develop every aspect of your character from jumping hight to personality to how long they can hold their breath. Morrowind is the best RPG game ever made.

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