Donald asks…

does anyone have a minecraft account that they dont use?

i play the free version of minecraft, and i want to use skins and texture packs but i dont want to buy it does anyone have one i can use.

admin answers:

I’m 99% sure that no one will give you their account. Why won’t you just buy it?

If you want it, buy it. It’s just €15. And if you didn’t know, when Minecraft is finished, it will sell for €20. So you’d better hurry!

Mary asks…

can some one make me a ww2 medic paratrooper Polish or USA minecraft skin?

can you make me one or give me a link of one. And can it me free

admin answers:

Click the link in sources(and post a request topic asking for that)…. Yahoo isnt exactly the best place to ask for this sort of help.

Mandy asks…

Is Minecraft worth it?

I’ve recently been trying the Minecraft Classic free game on their site, and I just wondered if it would be worth purchasing the full game. I have a couple of friends who play it, and I could play with them in the multiplayer survival servers, and I recently found out that you can play it within your browser, which is great as my download speed is terrible. Just wanted a few opinions.

Also, will I have to download anything to be able to play the game just within my browser (obviously skins and perhaps texture packs should be fine)?


admin answers:

Do you even have to ask!!!

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