Sandy asks…

Minecraft account question.?

So I have a free minecraft account that I got from a friend. But I wanna upgrade to premium for multiplayer and skins and stuff of that nature. What I wanna know is If I buy and install a premium account, will it delete my saves?

admin answers:

Back up your saves from your mincraft folder. Copy them and move them to a folder somewhere else (desktop) and the when you upgrade move them back to the directory where you got them. All your saves will be there just the way you left them :)

Carol asks…

minecraft please help?

ok i am going to be buying minecraft tomorrow and i wanted to know is there a way to spawn creeps in multiplayer like zombis and stuff? and i want to play with friends online do i need to make a server to do so? i see people talking about mods alot and skins do mods and skins work in multiplayer?

someone told me to spawn creatures online i need to make a server and be an admin do i need to open my ports so my friends can join my server? because i remember trying to open them so i could host on warcraft 3… that was annoying and i dident figure it out… and my last 2 questions is there maps i can download and show them to my friends? last question i would also like to try and make minecraft videos can someone tell me a safe free screen recorder that works with windows 7?

admin answers:

Depending on your firewall you may have to open a few ports, and make sure your External IP works correctly, if not you may need to try using Hamachi as replacement for it. As for spawning creeps, you can’t do this without having some sort of mod.

Laura asks…

Is minecraft really worth $30 ?

So I have the cracked version of minecraft ( meaning i get no multiplayer ) and absolutely LOVE MINECRAFT!!! Its the most amazing game ever! But i was wandering what online would be like? So i went and looked on the site and saw that it is 30 bucks! Dats alot of money! ( OR around $30 ) I know you get online, skins, texturepacks, and money off final game though. I still get mods on cracked version its just harder to get skins and what not… So is it really worth 30 bucks to play with all my friends who have the full version while still have free… or my other option was to buy some computer games like oblivion or cod 4.

admin answers:

Minecraft is a polarizing game in that respect and I can see why some people wouldn’t like it. For everyone else, this is more than worth checking out. There aren’t any fancy visuals or top-tier sound design or even amazing competitive multiplayer (although there is multiplayer in the game, though I haven’t tested it) to hook gamers and draw them in. What Minecraft does have are simplistic, easy to pick up and play game mechanics that are hard to put down once you’ve gotten started.


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