Steven asks…

How to get a skin for minecraft cracked verison?

i cant buy the game cause my mom wont let me but i wud trust me but anyways i download a free cracked version cracked meaning just free pretty much and i was wonderin how do i get a skin for my guy on this one because i cant go to the minecraft website and d it there because i havnt bought game any help please thanks :)

admin answers:

Sorry you can’t. You don’t really need one on singleplayer.

Sandy asks…

Minecraft: Can normal ppl who bought the game legally open a cracked server for players who hacked the game?

I bought minecraft but my friend didn’t, he downloaded it somewhere for free online but is it possible for me to make a cracked server so that we can both play it? Also, will skins work on the cracked server?

admin answers:

I’ll play with you you dont need yor friend:)

Lisa asks…

Minecraft Alpha person with invisible skin username please?

Hi, I play a minecraft beta cracked server and, I want to have a skin, but not just any skin, a invisible skin. The only way to have a skin in the cracked server is that anybody who has purchased the actual game on Minecraft Alpha, has to have changed their skin to whatever, (In my case, invisible).

So is there anybody who knows a person/username with a invisible skin currently? I need it to be a moderator and spy on griefers. PLEASE if you have a minecraft alpha change it for me please.

P.S. I’m not a bot!!

admin answers:

“P.S. I’m not a bot!!”

It seems as though this is precisely what a bot would say….

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