David asks…

is there a minecraft skin that makes the game run smoother?

my minecraft tends to lag a little when i start building big stuff, i was wondering, is there a minecraft skin that makes the game run smoother than the default?

admin answers:

Unfortunately, no. If anything, skins will actually make it run slower.

The default texture size in Minecraft is 32×32 but many texture packs increase that to 64×64 or even 128×128.

All you can really do is turn down the fog distance (default “F” key) to the nearest setting, turn down the graphics quality in the game settings, and hope for a performance improvement update in the future.

Susan asks…

My new minecraft server!!!?

Just want to know what mods I should get if I’m looking forward to recruiting and having people join it… Me and my friend are new tithe game and we are going to start our own new server. And if there is any info you would recommend to me please post! That would be awesome… Info about mods, skins, and/or really good world seeds!!! Ty have a great one!!

P.s. If you want to join. Please ask! Would be awesome to get someone that knows how to build and show us some of the ways :)
Chad idk if you got it but I did email you my ip for the server. And if you have friends that play. They are more than welcome!! Anyone else wanna join?!?! :D

I will be getting most of those mods. Isn’t there a mod that you can make it so whatever a person builds no one else but an op can touch it?

admin answers:

I also own a server.

I would suggest you get the basics, such as WorldEdit, SpawnX, ContainerProtect, TimeShift and perhaps iconomy if you’re interested in making an economy on your server.

WorldEdit – Allows you to edit the world (ironic)
SpawnX – Allows you to set a spawn for everyone, also includes the command “/spawn”
ContainerProtect – Allows everyone to set what type of chest/furnace they want. (private/public/shared)
TimeShift – Allows the admin to control what time of the day it is.
IConomy – Applies a money system to the server.

These are ones I use though I run more as I plan on having mine as an RP Server.

James asks…

Minecraft online help?

Okay so I’m new to Minecraft and I’m wondering, do you have to download any program to add a texture pack? Also, how do you change your character skin? Finally, do you know of any well built, great online servers with a good community? Thanks, and as I said I’m new to Minecraft so I’m sorry if this sounds stupid.

admin answers:

HEYA! Minecraft is awesome. ^^ Now to help:

You do need to download texture packs, but I’d recommend only a couple of websites:
MC forums


Planet Minecraft


Minecraft Portal


To use one, open two document windows from start, then on one type in %appdata% and go to .minecraft, then go to the second window and go to your downloads. Do not unpack your zipped file you got. Cut and paste this file into the texture pack area in window 1. Now restart MC, and you have it.

And then for skins, all you need to do is click on your name on the site, and then click on upload and then submit once you have a skin to use. Heres a good skin site:
Miners Need Cool Shoes


and this thing lets you make your own. :D


Oh, and for good communities:

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