Sandra asks…

How can i make a Protected door in minecraft Multiplayer?

Hi,in minecraft multiplayer,me and some other guys mine in the game,and i put all the stuff i mined in a chest i have in My room in minecraft. But,the thing is,the people would walk into my room and take everything in my chest,how can i make a Password or chest with no accses?

admin answers:

To password protect a chest, the server needs to have the LWC (Lightweight Chest Protection) mod.

If it has that, then to put a password you need to type ‘/cpassword ‘ and click on the chest. To lock it completely so only you can access it, type ‘/cprivate’ and click on the chest.

If the server doesn’t have LWC then the best way to protect your items is to hide the chest in a wall, the floor or the ceiling and remember to keep it covered up. If you don’t want players to come near your base then try putting traps everywhere to kill them if they try to break in. There are lots of ideas for traps on YouTube which all work really well.

Linda asks…

How can i play Minecraft multiplayer without internet using LAN,or an ethernet cable.?

I wanted to play Minecraft multiplayer with my sibling who lives in my house.Is there any way to do so without connecting to the internet??Should i connect the 2 computers with an ethernet cable?

admin answers:

You can connect your two computers toghether though a router to network the two computers toghether to play games. Even if you don’t have internet access feeding into the router to share between your two computers, you can still use this to transfer data back and forth between the two.

Susan asks…

Can you open a world created in minecraft single-player in minecraft multiplayer?

I have two laptops at home, one of them with a save file containing all my minecraft stuff. Is it possible for me to open that save file on multiplayer? When I connect to localhost it just gives me a blank new world.

admin answers:

Yes you can

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