Susan asks…

Minecraft Help with cow spawning?

I downloaded the modMillenairemod and in one of the towns there is a house with cows spawning non-stop. I changed the floor to wood and i searched around and i couldnt find a spawner. How can I stop the cows from spawning?

admin answers:

Fill the room with torches. Or delete the room.

William asks…

Anyone know of a good Minecraft NPC town?

I’m looking for a mod for Minecraft to add a NPC town in single player. All of the ones I’ve found only add NPCs with no towns. I’ve downloaded Millenaire but it’s not working on Linux. Thanks.

admin answers:

Millenaire Mod

NPC’s that have kids and do jobs like cut wood and mine and build towns. Also there are options to spawn the npcs buildings if they are building too slow :D

Ken asks…

Minecraft millenaire population vanished?!?!?

I just logged onto Minecraft only to find that my whole population of millenaire had just disappeared! There is no one here and some buildings are missing walls but torches and windows stay floating. Also i recently downloaded the human+ mod but both of them ran perfectly, now i log in today and no one is here, not even people from human+, please help!

admin answers:

This i’ve heard of before so I am not sure you can use both Human+ and Millenaire at the same time. Also try creating a new world because well I can’t explain it cause it’s kinda complex.

Hope this helps

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