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Bukkit minecraft servers? (with essentials)?

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Jenny asks…

how do you sell things on bukkit minecraft servers? (with essentials)?

Ok, so i made a mine-craft server for a few of my friends to play on. We were having a ton of fun on it so I attempted to make it a bukkit server, because apparently they are overall better. I then found out there was a cool plugin called “essentials” and it looked AMAZING! so i downloaded the mod, (it worked perfectly by the way), but there are a few things that aren’t really working for me and so if you could answer two of my questions that would be great

1. how do you spawn mobs? i try /spawnmob creeper 10 but it gives me some stupid error message and tells me to go to some website. How do i fix it and/or fix the code?

2. selling things is one of the things that took my attention, and whenever i have something in my hand and i type /sell it tells me that this kind of item can not be sold on the server and it says that for every item as far as i’m concerned. If you could help me with one or even 2 things that would be great. I have a mac if it helps. thanks.

admin answers:

First of all. Dont use essentials. Essentials can do allot of things but it cant do any of them really well. It deos protection, economy, chat, permissions via groupmanager, but it really does not do any of them well why? Because if you dilute the skills of any group into a bigger and bigger project they get less quality done.

What should you do? Use individual plugins for the above mentioned things. Here is a slate of excellent plugins that mostly focus on one thing, and all of witch do what they are supposed to well.

Iconomy Chestshop

Commandbook lets you spawn mobs with /spawnmob
Iconomy is your econ plugin and you just do /mone pay USERNAME $####
iconomy chest shops lets you create a shop out of a chest and a sign using iconomy.

Do yourself a favor and dump essentials, you wont regret it.

Thomas asks…

James asks…

Help with Minecraft Server Admin Stuff?

Ok so I have a new minecraft server, and my best friend is really good with servers, but he can’t run the server because his computer isn’t good enough. Now, I have the console for the server, and I was wondering if there is a way to let him have it too? Preferably, I want to give him the console for a bukkit server, the CraftBukkitStarter, but I could also give him the minecraft_server.exe thing too. Sorry if this is confusing, but I just want a way to give him the console. I know it is possible because on the server I played on before, the admins could all talk through the console without being on the server and they could unban themselves if they got banned by like a mod or something. But that server got shut down and I can’t go ask the admin how they did it. Please help

admin answers:

Nope, you can’t sorry.

Only one person can host.

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