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How to change controls for Minecraft’s Millenaire?

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Paul asks…

How to change controls for Minecraft’s Millenaire?

I have other mods downloaded to my Minecraft. And I need my “m” key. How can I change the key? Thanks.

admin answers:

There is no way to change the controls….

Good luck!

James asks…

Minecraft Millienaire Forge Help?

I recently downloaded the Millenaire mod for minecraft and i love it.
I have an artisan style town, and just constructed a forge.
However, the blacksmith will not make any weapons. I’ve supplied the town hall with around 20 iron ignots, and still no luck. How can i fix this?

admin answers:

Either no one lives in the building you can check this by looking at the sign and if it says inocupie then nobody lives there. Or you havent provided the blacksmith with supplies.


hope this helps

George asks…

how come i have a lot of unnamed blocks in Minecraft?

I just downloaded 3 mods successfully. Every item from the mods is showing up in Too Many Items but there are blocks with no texture that show up in Too Many Items that say unnamed 122 -5, unnamed 122-6, and so on. Is this just a glitch with too many items and its compatibility with the mods because they were not there before I downloaded the mods. If it is a glitch is there a fix?

Mods i downloaded-
Millenaire NPC Village mod
Humans plus mod
Clay soldiers mod

admin answers:

Well, the Human Plus Mod for instance has extra Items added. The too many items mod doesn’t have those items does it? This is because the too many Items mod only supports those that are originally in the game.
I’m not too sure, this is just something I think, and it probably is the reason.

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