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Minecraft Servers

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Linda asks…

Minecraft servers?????

Does anyone know any good minecraft servers? I want to be able to build and do such things. I have been looking for a server that lets me do that for hours with no luck. If you know any good ones, please tell me!!! thank you

admin answers:

My server maybe,
no griefing, the greatest servers are unknown

Lizzie asks…

Looking for good minecraft servers with mature community?

I’m in search for a good minecraft servers and I haven’t found any. I’m looking for servers that meet these requirements:

Not add-on heavy
Friendly community – Where I won’t be banned for minimal profanity
Low amount of raiders/griefers
Administration is 16 or older
Fairly small amount of members – (under 160 registered)

If your server meets these requirements, please give me the information and you will gain an active member.

admin answers:

You can find websites on Minecraft forums or on separate websites. Most of them have no griefers.

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