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How do i save a minecraft server safe?

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Maria asks…

How do i save a minecraft server safe?

It’s not my own server but of a friend of mine. I’m an OP, and the save file of the server contains a spaceship we worked on for a long time. Is there a way i can get that save to my computer without him sending it to me? Is there a mod or anything for that?

admin answers:

If you do not own the server, there is no way to obtain the map unless the server owner uploads it and lets you download it

he will need to use media fire or another website to upload the file ( remember to zip it )
once uploaded, he will give you the link to download it.
Make sure you have winrar or 7zip. I prefer 7zip

When you download it, open it with 7zip or winrar
Then go to your .minecraft folder and find the saves folder (search %appdata% on windows)
Open the saves folder and drag the world folder you downloaded into the saves folder.

Open up minecraft and it should be there.

There’s no plugin or mod to do this process.
Good luck!

Chris asks…

How to set spawn points in my minecraft server?

I just got a modded bukkit sever up and made a little town but I want to set a spawn point for players to spawn in the town when they join. How can I do that? Link me the plugin/mod if so? Help!

admin answers:

You want the Essentials mod, it is a little tricky but it gives you around 15 pages of commands when you type in /help

and /sethome and /setspawn are in there too

James asks…

Problem with crafting modded items in minecraft server?

When I make a minecraft server for me and my friend to play on we can’t craft or spawn throwing knives that we installed as a mod how do i fix this so we can craft/spawn them?

admin answers:

If you installed the mod in YOUR GAME, it only works for client-wise (only singleplayer), unless you get it to work with the server, which most SP mods doesn’t support.

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