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Minecraft Servers For Gaming

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Richard asks…

Does anyone know any good minecraft servers to grief?

If your just gonna say “Stop being jealous of other peoples stuff and you grief to make people get mad”, then get the —- away because I dont care what you say and I will block you.
I want prenium servers that are unprotected, 247 and barely anyone on.

admin answers:

Lol, no good premium, unprotected servers with nobody on exist. Why? Why would they pay large bills for nothing? Exactly. And who cares if anyone is on? It’s honestly not hard to grief unnoticed. Hell, I’ve put 23 dicks made of glowstone above the spawn of a server while all admins where on and didn’t get caught. Just hold shift, and have a good excuse ready. And if they think they see you, just tp away and act like your doin something, you won’t get caught.

Robert asks…

What are some good minecraft servers to grief?

admin answers: / new ip: patterncraft.serveftp.com

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