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Sandbox-survival Games Like Minecraft

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Steven asks…

Is there a survival game?

Like, you’re stuck in a island and you gotta take care of yourself for example.
Those sort of games.
I dont want minecraft.
I have terreria already.
I’ve seen one, it’s a first person view game.
Sadly, I forgot what it’s called.

admin answers:

Like this? It’s on evolution, and surviving


and this one!



John asks…

Help me find an open world survival game based on living off nature!?

Im looking for a game, sort of like minecraft only with some decent graphics and more beautiful scenery. like oblivion, fallout and such except it doesnt really need any missions. Something like you start off in a forest and you can hunt down animals, gather materials and maybe build some sort of base in a cave or even a real house. or just an abandoned cabin and set up base there. so sort of just pure survival in the wild. Also it has to be as open as possible, NO INVISIBLE WALLS! those piss me off insanely. thanks in advance 🙂 Ive tried all the games mentioned plus stalker, which are similar but not what i wanted. Also if anyone have tried “the hunter” tell me about that.

admin answers:

…You honestly complained about minecraft graphics.
To create a more immersive environment, Install three things.
One: MATMOS mod. It assesses your surroundings, height, and exposure to the air and plays very fitting atmospheric background noise.
Two: Photorealism pack. 256X. Requires MCpatcher.
Three: Awesome water shader or whatever it’s called.
Then prepare for a 10000X more immersive minecraft.

Hope this helps.
I just can’t stand people bashing minecraft for graphics.

Joseph asks…

survival rpg like minecraft?

I’m looking for a game, survival, graphics should be like fallout 3 or skyrim. I played both minecraft and stranded 2 and im looking something like them, also, i played dead island too but i didnt like it.


admin answers:

Try The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind
It may be less advanced then Skyrim, but in a lot of people’s opinions, it is better.
I think it was a great game, and I thouroughly enjoyed most of the game.

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