Daniel asks…

Is there a minecraft mod for driveable minecart?

So I decided to start off a new Minecraft Server and I am going to launch it with a lot of my friends but we are just starting out, and we are looking for a mod that allows you to move a minecart with your arrow keys(or WASD) that is attached to the track and doesn’t require redstone or coal. I understand there is a car mod but I want one that is connected to a track for server purposes. Also, I need the mod to be 1.7.3 compatible.
Do you mind not adding a one word response for points and actually have a link?
Once again, I understand there is a car mod, but I am looking for a mod that you can control the minecart with WASD or controls. Please don’t state the obvious.

admin answers:

There’s a mod for actual cars.

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