Mark asks…

Can I use HD texture packs for minecraft without using the patcher?

I mean can I download the fix as its own file

admin answers:

Not to my knowledge… Or easily anyways… You’d have to download some kind of Texture fixer but if you get the right one its simple and pain-free.

I hope this helps!

Betty asks…

How to make a minecraft HD texture pack not lag?

I can easily up it from 1 fps to 6 but any way to make it lag less?
Yea 64×64 works perfectly but it makes the dirt have 2 mini fires and a piece of the nether portal in both, and it turns water grey.

admin answers:

Tiny Fog
Turned Advanced gxl thing on
Make The Setting For Max Fps Instead Of Even

Lisa asks…

Minecraft HD Texture pack help?

I just got an 128×128 HD texture pack for Minecraft. Everything works great, the fps stays at around 30-50. But whenever I open my inventory or open a chest it suddenly gets slow. But when I exit out of it, the fps returns to normal. Please help me.

admin answers:

I hope you used the MC HD patcher? Use that, if you haven’t, but it sounds like you have.

Most likely loading the textures for all of the items in your chest/inventory is challenging in high-res packs. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do except pu the graphics on fast and reduce the render distance. Best of luck!

(By the way, what texture pack is it?)

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